Welcome to Aquinas College Information System

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Things to Do:

Students Section

  1. Clean the Course Instances Table Data for OAE
  2. Clean the Course_Instance_Student Table Data for OAE
  3. Clean the CourseWork_GradeBook_Grade_Student Data for OAE
  4. Validate the grades of RTA MAS programs
  5. Write grading algorith for total points & weighted averages
  6. Draw Distribution of Students' Grades & Performance.
  7. Write the emails api call to extract google attendence reports
  8. Make a list of students who exceeded their absence limit.
  9. Make a list of students who did not pay their tution fees.(90 hours/ate lynn)
  10. Bin students on their age groups.
  11. Connect GDrive API to fetch student documents. (5 hours)
  12. Insert the Sep 28 intake students. (12 hours)
  13. Get rid of the student codes in the name field.(4 hours)
  14. Ask Ash & Anna about any other descriptive indicators they require.
  15. inject students data from admission sheets (78 Hours)
  16. add the intake creation code (2 hours)
  17. add the student pasword view (1/2 hour)
  18. add the suspend student views (1/2 hour)
  19. add the lead update views
  20. add the student update views
  21. add the timing transfer views

Intakes Section

  1. Draw Pie chart of students in each program for the intake
  2. Calculate courses calandar for each intake.
  3. Get the intakes' calandar from academics
  4. Draw courses pathes for intakes

Program Section

  1. Draw Pie Chart of Intakes contributing to the program.
  2. Calculate dropout rates for each program.

Marketers' Section

  1. Connect marketers to students.
  2. Calculate dropout rates for each marketer.
  3. Catagorize marketers as main and sub marketers.